9 out of 10 Store Bought Toothpastes (Even Natural Ones) Contains THIS One Ingredient That's Causing MORE Cavities, "Dead Tooth Breath" And Rotting Your Teeth Faster Than Ever

Plus..The Simple Hack For Stronger Teeth, Preventing
Cavities and Quickly Whitening Your Teeth

Shocking new research from a top University in Brazil has revealed that ...
most store bought toothpastes, mouthwashes, and floss could be destroying your teeth!

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That's Because...

Many of these oral “care” products are loaded with this ONE sticky substance that can slowly degrade your teeth…

Specifically by creating little pockets of decay that start to dissolve and erode your enamel.

And the scary thing is…

While you’re doing everything you can to keep your teeth strong and cavity free…

Like brushing twice a day, remembering to floss and avoiding sugary foods..

Top researchers have discovered that if you’re following this traditional advice from your dentist…

You could actually be making things much WORSE…

And creating painful cavities and bleeding gums to bad breath and gum disease.

However, thanks to a new breakthrough… Thousands of people of all ages are now using this simple natural hack to protect their teeth against nasty cavities and tooth decay…

And starting today, you can use the same simple hack in just a few seconds a day...

So you can naturally and safely erase stains without harsh compounds…

To show the world your perfectly white smile.

Here’s The Reason Why Your Toothpaste Is Causing MORE Cavities…

Look, it sounds shocking… I know.

Most people think cavities come from too many sugary drinks, eating candy, frequent snacking or not brushing your teeth well enough.


Shocking research has exposed the lies and corruption of the dental industry…

And how they add cheap, harmful ingredients to their products.

In particular, there’s one sticky substance in your toothpaste…

Something that's causing "Dead Tooth Breath"....

Because instead of protecting your teeth…

This so-called “safe” toothpaste ingredient ATTRACTS plaque to your teeth so it stays STUCK there causing cavities, tooth decay and gum disease.

Sounds like the opposite of what you want from toothpaste, right?

And it’s the real reason why if you’re not taking care of your teeth like how I’ll show you today…

You’ll eventually get more and more cavities…

And end up spending thousands on painful treatments in the dental chair.

But the good news is this new solution I’m about to share with you can reverse this “Dead Tooth Breath"...

So you and your family can have the healthy strong teeth and pearly white smile you deserve.

Now You Can Have Stronger Teeth, Fresher Breath, And Erase Stains In Record Time…

See, this breakthrough is based on this weird “snow calcium”…

That new research reveals you can use it at home to defend against cavities and protect your smile…

And it's so effective… When scientists put it to the test, this natural mineral worked better than fluoride for preventing and reversing tooth decay.

Dentists up to date on the research now swear by it…

And in just a moment I’ll show you exactly how to use this powerful dental breakthrough taking the world by storm…

And how, starting with your first use, you could start removing harmful bacteria and plaque build up caused by the toxic ingredients in your store bought or even natural toothpaste…

And even help heal cavities and prevent new ones from forming.

Imagine how much better you would feel…

Not having to worry every time you go to the dentist…

And being excited to show off your smile…

Because your teeth are so incredibly white and shiny.

And the best part is...

With this new discovery you don’t have to undergo expensive and confusing procedures at the dentist…

Follow crazy brushing routines…

Or use whitening strips every day

Hi, My Name Is Katie Wells…

I’m a health researcher, journalist, and the mother of 6 children (yes, you read that right!)

After being sick for a decade with no explanation for my symptoms… I launched into a years-long journey to figure out what was going on inside my body to figure out how to get better.

I spent thousands of hours reading studies and researching ingredients.

In fact, I even went back to school to study nutrition because I was desperate to find answers.

What I found was SCARY… the harmful ingredients that were common in most personal care products were making me SICK and instead of improving my health, they were making my condition worse.

That’s why I consider it my duty to share this important - and potentially lifesaving information with you.

But first, I want to share this shocking discovery that reveals what’s really inside the toothpaste we buy from the store and use everyday…

And how instead of improving the health of our teeth and body - it’s having the opposite effect.

Here’s The Little Known Reason Why You Get Cavities (even if you brush and floss twice a day)

So many of us have been trained since the beginning of time to AVOID sugary drinks, eating candy, and frequent snacking… and to brush your teeth twice a day and floss to avoid cavities.

And it’s the real reason why if you’re not taking care of your teeth like how I’ll show you today…

And every time we sit in the dentist’s chair, they give us a little tube of toothpaste to take home and use -- and tell us that’s the best thing for our teeth.

So it sounds insane to think the one thing dentists recommend to us could actually be causing harm.

And if you’re skeptical, I totally understand. I was skeptical too when I first heard this news like so many other people. So you and your family can have the healthy strong teeth and pearly white smile you deserve.

But I’m going to share with you some really shocking facts.

The dental industry is one of the most corrupt industries… and the horror stories are endless.

Unethical dentists rely on all sorts of products and treatments to upsell patients, but two common ones are special fluoride treatments and prescription toothpastes.

These sorts of products might be helpful for someone who gets a ton of cavities — but for the vast majority of adults, they're entirely unnecessary. That's because there's already enough fluoride in our drinking water to prevent cavities in most people.

And now I’m not even exaggerating here…

A Wisconsin dentist was charged with fraud after he was found to be using his drill to intentionally break patients’ teeth so he could bill the insurance company for crowns instead of fillings.

Plus authorities found a dentist in Alaska had been sedating nearly all his patients to cash in on the reimbursements Medicaid pays for general anesthesia. 1

Look I’m not saying all dentists are bad or they’re all out to get you.

But the reality is a lot of them are not properly trained in every area of dentistry - since there are 9 different types.

And that’s why it’s actually not so shocking to think it could be one tiny hidden ingredient…

Something that the big manufacturers that most dentist are not trained to identify.

THIS Ingredient Is Silently Destroying Your Teeth AND Causing "Dead Tooth Breath"

Now think back to the last time you brushed your teeth (hopefully it was this morning!)

You know that soft foamy lathering you feel while you brush your teeth… and the squeaky clean feeling inside your mouth when you’re done?

Well the reason this lathering happens is all thanks to an ingredient called glycerin…

Which is also added to 95% of toothpastes.

Most vegetable glycerin is a byproduct of industrial chemical reactions used for making soap.

That’s right - SOAP.

It’s kinda crazy...

Because remember when we were kids and our mom used to wash our mouths out with soap?

Well it turns out we’ve been doing that for a lot longer than we realize.

And this soap we’ve been washing our mouths with is glycerin.

Which also explains why the toothpaste lathers in your mouth in the same way it does when you wash your hands. And here’s how it works:

Most store bought toothpaste brands hide it in their products to provide an extended flavor release, add body to the paste, and improve the mouth feel after brushing.

And while they claim it prevents the growth of bad bacteria in your mouth which could otherwise lead to enamel damage, gum disease, and tooth decay…

What most people don’t know - including your local dentist - is that glycerin leaves behind a slippery, sticky coating on your teeth.

It’s a sticky substance.

And that’s a huge problem because glycerin attracts all kinds of bacteria which starts to gather and erode your enamel…

This is the same type of bacteria that can create the nasty "Dead Tooth Breath".

Here’s The Reason Why Your Toothpaste Is Causing MORE Cavities…

And scientists have recently discovered this can make your teeth MORE likely to decay, cause bad breath and other oral health issues.

And it’s so crazy! Again, how did this slip through the cracks for so many decades?

It all comes back to the training these dentists received, and the big buyouts of huge corporations.

What's even crazier is that even some natural toothpastes still contain glycerin.

So instead of protecting your teeth and cleaning out the bacteria to prevent plaque build up…

Toothpaste that contains hidden glycerin is doing the EXACT opposite.

Glycerin Blocks Other Decay Preventing Minerals From Protecting Your Teeth

Basically, most store bought toothpastes - even natural ones - don’t protect your teeth.

So you’re literally flushing your hard earned dollars down the drain.

And let’s be honest…

Do you really want to be filling your MOUTH with additives, fillers and nasty ingredients?

If you’re like me, the answer is 100% no.

And the last thing you want is for soap and chemicals like this to be in your mouth or those of your loved ones.

So How Do We Fix This Problem?

Well the first thing you need to do is find a toothpaste that DOESN’T contain glycerin.

That’s really the first step. And I’ll show you how to find that in a second. Because glycerin is hidden in sneaky ways and I can show you how to avoid it.

But that’s really not enough.

Because chances are, if you’re even close to following what the dentist recommends, then you brush your teeth twice a day. But that’s really not enough.

If you’ve been using toothpaste for 10 years, that means you’ve put glycerin on your teeth 7,300 times.

And by the time you reach 50? Well that’s a whopping 36,500 mouthfuls of glycerin.

The truth is, you’ve been rubbing in and lathering this glycerin… and a lot of damage has been done.

So you need something to rebuild the enamel so you can prevent further tooth decay and gum disease, eliminate bad bacteria and correct cavities…

… with this brand new discovery.

How THIS Snow Calcium Can Prevent Tooth Decay

So what is Snow Calcium?

Its scientific name is hydroxyapatite.

And it’s especially powerful when combined with a few other natural ingredients that I'll share with you in a moment.

You probably haven’t heard of this before…

But hydroxyapatite is a natural form of calcium that comprises most of the tooth enamel and the dentin in your teeth.

In fact, it’s the hardest substance in our body.

And research shows snow calcium is extremely effective for the natural tooth repair process, which means it may help heal cavities and prevent new ones from forming.

And now this is exciting…

THIS “Snow Calcium” Is Clinically Proven To Be
Just As Effective As Fluoride!

A 2019 study published in the BDJ Open showed hydroxyapatite had just as much power as fluoride in preventing and reversing tooth decay in children.3

Isn’t that remarkable?

Truth be told, most dentists don’t even know about this yet.

That’s because they think natural solutions can’t prevent cavities or improve oral health.

But what makes hydroxyapatite so special is the wide range of benefits, like:

  • It’s more effective in the prevention and reversal of enamel erosion than toothpaste containing fluoride.
  • It’s non-toxic, unlike fluoride at high levels.
  • It’s biocompatible, meaning your body recognizes hydroxyapatite as a substance that belongs there and isn’t likely to react negatively to it.
  • Strengthen the overall structure of teeth, making teeth appear whiter.
  • Protects your teeth from harmful bacteria while preserving your oral microbiome - unlike fluoride
  • Resists acidic pH, keeping the pH of the mouth slightly alkaline to avoid inflammation and oral disease.
  • Can improve gum health, reducing plaque, bleeding gums, and pocket depth.

See why today everything changes for your teeth?

Now sure, you could go and find a natural toothpaste with hydroxyapatite at the grocery store or on Amazon.

But many ingredients found in all-natural toothpastes can contribute to poor oral health, cavities, and gum disease.

And the few natural toothpastes that do deliver on ingredients are rarely effective or that pleasant to use. If you’ve tried a natural alternative, you know what I’m talking about.

So that’s why I went to the lengths to source the most powerful form of this mineral…

And my toothpaste evolved from years of research and thousands of hours tweaking recipes in our home kitchen.

I combined it with 4 additional powerhouse ingredients…

And I was able to drastically improve my oral health and even remineralized several small cavities.

My teeth got healthier and whiter, and when I shared the toothpaste with family and friends, they experienced the same results and kept asking for more!

Since most people don't have the time to make their own toothpaste from scratch - let alone dinner - I created Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste to get my life-changing formulas to as many families as possible.

It’s been tested and proven over and over in real clinical studies…

And have already helped thousands of people fight back against cavities, tooth decay and whiten their teeth at the same time…

Introducing the one-of-a-kind solution

Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste

Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste is so unique…

It’s the ONLY natural toothpaste on the market to feature the mineral hydroxyapatite and is glycerin-free - PLUS fluoride-free to eliminate the risks of fluoride use.

This powerful non-toxic toothpaste is specifically designed to clean, remineralize, AND whiten your teeth at the same time.

In fact, the natural properties in our toothpaste make your smile whiter and brighter with every brush.

Plus it can:

  • Prevents new cavities and supports the care of existing ones
  • Improves overall oral health
  • Quickly whitens teeth for a head turning smile

"I use Wellnesse toothpaste and recommend it to my patients."

It contains hydroxyapatite, a naturally occurring mineral that helps support tooth enamel to keep teeth strong. Ingredients like neem and green tea to support a healthy oral microbiome, and keep your breath fresh. Wellnesse toothpaste gets your teeth just as white (if not whiter) than everything else--without all the chemicals. Why would anyone NOT switch?”




We knew there had to be a way to create a toothpaste that was not only free from harmful ingredients, but that was also packed with all-natural compounds and minerals to help remineralize, whiten, and protect teeth.

Our toothpaste evolved from years of research and thousands of hours tweaking recipes in our home kitchen.

The result?

In both ingredients and performance, Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste stands out from the rest. Unlike other “all-natural” toothpastes, ours is truly free from harmful additives like glycerin, fluoride, and carrageenan.

Plus, our toothpaste isn’t just free from harmful chemicals -- it’s also packed with alternative natural ingredients that actually strengthen and protect your teeth. (And they clean just as well as the not-so-natural stuff.)

The Unmatched Benefits of Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste

Correct Cavities and Prevent New Ones Forming

  • Get stronger teeth the all natural way
  • Avoid painful procedures and reduce anxiety
  • Save time on less trips to the dentist

Easily Whiten Your Teeth Without Harmful Chemicals

  • Improved Mood so the little things don’t get on your nerves
  • Feel confident smiling in public
  • Save money compared to other alternatives

Safer Alternative To Fluoride

  • Avoid unwanted side effects so you feel your best everyday
  • Reduce the toxic load in your body for better overall health
  • Support a healthy oral microbiome

What others are saying about Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste

“I've been using this toothpaste for the last 3 years and I do not plan on switching any time soon. It's the only one that doesn't leave my mouth feeling all slimy from all the extra ingredients that other toothpastes seem to have. Would definitely recommend.”

- Peter (Verified User)

"I have had teeth issues forever. Very crooked and recently I did invisalign. Which left me with extremely sensitive teeth due to the intense movements.

So I’m on tube number 2 (I share with my partner) and the one tooth that was debilitating when the pain hit. Is tolerable now!!! So thank you for making a tooth paste that heals and cleans so well!!

I’ve been using natural toothpaste for years and nothing compares to yours!!"

- Hannah (Verified User)

“I have tried A LOT of 'healthy' toothpastes and this one is by far the best! My teeth are clean, my breath is fresh and I have already recommended it to others."

- Erika (Verified User)

"We love this toothpaste & it has been so beneficial in avoiding cavities and remineralizing our daughters teeth."

- Kendra (Verified User)

"It's spendy but my husband and I think it is totally worth it. Our teeth are whiter and feel "healthier". I was having sensitivity in a couple of my teeth and since using this toothpaste it is all gone. We keep coming back and buying more."

- Kristan (Verified User)

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You have no risk whatsoever with this offer. We offer free returns with no questions asked. We’ll even send you a prepaid return label.

Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste will work for you - or you pay nothing.

How to Get Lasting Protection From Cavities… For Less?

Like everything in life, the greatest success comes from being consistent, showing up and doing your best every day.

And – the longer you stick to a new healthy habit, the better life gets!

This is what our customer success stories tell us too.

In fact, the most moving and impressive stories have come from customers who’ve consistently used Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste for at least 3-6 months.

However… with global supply chain issues, we’ve been having trouble keeping Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste in stock…

And the last thing I’d want is for you to start seeing amazing results… like
stronger teeth, no cavities or sensitivities and stunning white teeth…

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I truly don’t want that for you.

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Join the thousands of other people who are preventing cavities, seeing sparkling white teeth and improving their overall oral health


“This is the perfect toothpaste for people who want to transition to natural, because it still feels like normal toothpaste.”


“I have been using this product for two weeks. My teeth are visibly whiter but the main difference is that my teeth feel less sensitive. I think it’s working!!!”


"I have made Wellness Mama’s DIY toothpaste before and loved it but I don’t always have all the ingredients or the time to make it."

THE ONLY solution that features the mineral hydroxyapatite and is glycerin-free

Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste is the key to clearing up cavities and preventing future ones…

So you can take control of your oral health and start feeling happier, and more energized!

And while there are dozens of natural products that promise strong, healthy teeth and a head turning smile…

Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste is the ONLY solution that features the mineral hydroxyapatite and is glycerin-free - PLUS fluoride-free to eliminate the risks of fluoride use. And quickly goes to work to fight back against poor oral health, cavities, and gum disease - without toxic ingredients.

10 Month Supply

whitening toothpaste - 5 pack

$12.20 /tube

(Total: $49)

Your Savings: 35%

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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whitening toothpaste - 3 pack

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee