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Hi! You’ve probably heard that our bodies absorb the majority of what we put on our skin.

At Wellnesse, we make the highest quality products that are not only safe..… they’re packed with beneficial ingredients that are good for you from the outside in.

I’ve spent more than a decade perfecting these formulas in my kitchen to create products that are human safe, planet safe and work better than conventional alternatives. Join us in our mission to give families and the planet a little more Wellnesse every day!

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Katie Wells
Wellness Mama

Carefully sourced ingredients, clean and natural formulas, and a lingering sense of Wellnesse. Our personal care is infused with everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Our Core Values

The Highest Ratings Possible

Most of our ingredients are rated the cleanest possible rating by the Environmental Working Group. Learn more about our ingredients here and more about EWG here

Only the best for your body

We’ve crafted formulas that are better than what’s already on shelves, but without toxins, parabens, sulfates and more

Better practices every step of the way

We are committed to building a sustainable supply chain that supports women and minority-owned businesses

Performance, Transparency, Accountability

Our B Corp certification means that we have achieved the highest verified standard of environmental and social impact, giving you certified business practices you can trust.

Highest Quality, Integrity and Transparency

We believe that mindful business practices can have far-reaching, positive impacts in the world. That’s why we have an unwavering commitment to our core values in every step of our process, from supply chain to final product. We source the best ingredients and packaging and are always working to become even more sustainable. With full transparency, you’ll never have to wonder about the safety of our products or what we put in them.

Human and Planet Safe

With our families and yours in mind with everything we create, all of the ingredients we use are rated clean by the Environmental Working Group. All Wellnesse products are formulated through an important process, combining the latest in scientific research with the best nature has to offer. We want to contribute to a world our children and grandchildren can be proud of so we make decisions that last longer than we will.

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