Ethical Formulations

Ethical Formulations

Wellness products are made from responsibly sourced ingredients which are carefully selected and tested for the highest quality. Most of our ingredients are wild harvested, which means they are gathered in their native ecosystem, where they grow wild, rather than being mass-produced on a farm or plantation. In many parts of the world, this process is as simple as harvesters hand-collecting natural, untouched herbs.

Working with nature ensures our ingredients are grown in their natural habitat. As a result, several of our ingredients are harvested overseas and are in a much purer form. Working with global partners, we’ve found the most sustainable options for our ingredients.

When formulating our Citrus Body Bar, palm oil was on our wish list of ingredients for its excellent lathering properties. However, irresponsible palm oil harvesting has led to rapid deforestation and wildlife displacement. Sadly, harvesting methods for palm oil alternatives are unethical as well. To solve this, Wellnesse joined The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), a not-for-profit that aids businesses in harvesting sustainable palm oil, allowing us to be mindful of the planet while providing the highest quality possible.

Green Leaves in Hand

Our floss is sourced from silk moths raised ethically and cruelty-free. These silkworms start as eggs, and once hatched, they’re taken outdoors and given water and tender plant leaves. When they mature, they spin their cocoons, which rearers collect and hang in a temperature-controlled room. As the silkworm metamorphoses into a silk moth, it’s kept alive and can break out of the cocoon unharmed. We extract the silk from the cocoons by unwinding the filaments and twisting them into threads.

In addition to our sustainable harvesting, every batch of raw ingredients is tested for chemicals, pesticides, and other synthetic compounds. No ingredient makes it into our formulas without passing our rigorous quality testing.

Accreditation & Recognition

Certifications matter! Accreditations and recognitions are an easy identifier for consumers, and a great way for you to know the quality of what you’re purchasing. Plus it means we’ve gone the extra mile to ensure our company and products meet rigorous standards.

B Corp Certification

Wellnesse is a Certified B Corp, which means we meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance. This certification is done by B Lab, a nonprofit network whose mission is to “transform the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.”

When a company applies, B Lab conducts a thorough assessment. They evaluate the quality and sustainability of the company operations and business model. They look at everything from supply chain to charitable giving and public transparency. This data is then used to understand how the business impacts workers, the environment, and customers, both now and in the future. It’s a lengthy process…but totally worth it! Want to learn more?Check it out here.

EWG Rated

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is a nonprofit organization specializing in deep research of toxic chemicals, pollutants, and corporate social responsibility. They fight outdated legislation and set standards for healthy agricultural practices, ensuring that production processes are safe for both the environment and consumers.

A rating of 1 or 2 on the EWG's Skin Deep scale guarantees safety and no toxicity across all raw materials. Most ingredients in our products are given the cleanest possible rating by the EWG because they’re sustainably sourced. You can learn more and check out the ratings of our EWG Certified products in their database here.

Leaping Bunny Certification

Leaping Bunny Certification is available for companies to certify that their cosmetic and household products are made without animal testing. This certification means that Wellnesse products are truly cruelty-free, and no animal testing occurs with any of our individual ingredients OR finished products. You can read more about what it means to be Leaping Bunny Certified here.

The Non-Toxic Project

This is a new certification we’re working toward. The Non-Toxic Project was created when the founder battled toxin-induced illnesses. Knowing that our personal lives can be contaminated by the products, foods, drinks, services, and homes we use and live in, they’re on a mission to educate consumers and advocate for cleaner products and standards. You can read more about The Non-Toxic Project here.

Green Leaves in Hand

Packaging Ethos

At Wellnesse, our mission is to deliver clean, powerful products straight to your front door with the lowest environmental impact possible. From our supply chain to our ingredient sourcing to our packaging materials, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of sustainable e-commerce practices.

Our shampoo and toothpaste tubes are made of sugarcane bioplastic (made from sugarcane resin) and 100% compostable. Sugarcane resin is a fantastic alternative to traditional plastic packaging and produces far fewer carbon emissions during manufacturing. It has a resilient shelf life, meaning our packaging won't melt, break down, or leach into your products. It's also a renewable resource, making it far more sustainable and eco-friendly than plastic.

Several of our products come in glass jars, which are always recyclable. Our mineral deodorant is packaged in recycled and recyclable cardboard. Our Copper tongue scraper lasts for many years. And our silk floss, toothbrushes, and floss pick handles are all biodegradable. Our lids are made from the cleanest-sourced, recyclable plastic available, meaning no part of your Wellnesse products ever has to go in the trash!

Being an e-commerce company means that we have an even bigger responsibility to protect the planet. We minimize packaging by shipping all orders in the smallest cardboard box they fit in and encourage customers to shop in bulk as much as possible. We skip wrapping our products in plastic wrap, further reducing our carbon footprint.

Climate Action

As a company that relies on shipping and manufacturing, we’re aware of the role our business plays in greenhouse gas emissions. We’re actively working to reduce our impact on the climate throughout our company.

Recently, we moved our tube manufacturing from China to the US to reduce emissions in shipping this resource overseas. We also chose a new box manufacturer that was in the same city as our third-party logistics company to further reduce our emissions and carbon footprint. When shipping our products, we aim to book full trucks rather than half-filled trucks.

Our Wellnesse team is 100% remote, which reduces the emissions our employees are creating. As a paperless company, we skip the larger printers and copiers, meaning no hazardous or synthetic materials are used and disposed of. When we do use postcards for marketing campaigns, we use recycled paper and make sure these are 100% recyclable.

Green Leaves in Hand

Social Impact

Wellnesse values working together toward creating a better world for all. As an organization, we partner with several local nonprofits to donate personal care products to those in need. We have donated products to women’s shelters as well as other diverse events and organizations.

In addition, we encourage our team members to volunteer with organizations that are important to them. Employees volunteer their time at local schools, churches, and nonprofits that provide positive social impact to their communities.