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Why Our Oral Probiotics Are Your Oral Care Must-Have

We worked tirelessly for years to develop a one-of-a-kind combination of the most effective super ingredients available, and it's finally here! Our Oral Probiotics are a groundbreaking addition to our oral care line and your daily oral care routine. After all, ours is a triple-threat formula of pure strengthening, remineralizing, and freshening power.

There are plenty of oral probiotics on the market, but in all honesty, most of them contain dead probiotic strains along with other harmful additives. Our formula contains only the purest, most effective ingredients without a single unnecessary addition. We pack a lot of remineralizing power into our toothpaste formulas, and we wanted to bring that exact same power to our probiotics. We have been educating about the benefits of hydroxyapatite to our mouth and teeth for years, and we knew we couldn’t create an oral probiotic without it! Lastly, cooling peppermint oil means our probiotics keep your breath fresh all day!

Is it really possible for one tiny tablet to pack such a strong punch? It is! But we understand if that's a bit hard to believe, so let's talk about it!

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The oral microbiome is a highly delicate ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. The fragile balance of the oral microbiome can be easily disrupted and damaged by factors like illness, poor diet, and toxic oral care. Rather than being an 'island,' the mouth is connected to all the essential body systems (including the brain, heart, and gut), making a strong oral microbiome necessary for overall health.

Good bacteria are essential to a robust, balanced oral microbiome, from fighting harmful bacteria to reducing inflammation. When good bacteria is significantly reduced (usually by harsh oral care 'cleaner' agents) or overrun (by harmful bacteria), physical symptoms quickly follow, including chronic bad breath, cavities, and irritated gums. If left untreated, an unbalanced oral microbiome starts causing symptoms beyond the boundaries of the mouth, often beginning with ear and throat issues.

So where do probiotics come in? The oral cavity is lined with mucosal surfaces that serve as the first line of defense against invading pathogens. Probiotics can help strengthen this defense by stimulating the immune response, enhancing the production of antibodies, and supporting the overall health of oral mucosal tissues.

Our formula contains four strains of live probiotics to give your mouth the boost it needs. Probiotics don’t just strengthen the oral microbiome - they can also help to rebalance your mouth’s pH and aid in tooth remineralization. Each of our strains were chosen for their specific benefits to the mouth, teeth, and oral microbiome! (Bonus: Our strains are also great for your gut, so it's a win-win!)

  • L paracasei: Helps resist oral pathogens
  • L reuteri: Helps reduce P. gingivalis and sub-gingival plaque
  • L salivarius: Supports gum health and increases resistance to cavities
  • L acidophilus: Helps inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth



Hydroxyapatite is the star ingredient in all our toothpaste formulas, and now it's a superstar component in our Oral Probiotics!

So, what's the big deal?

Hydroxyapatite is a mineral that naturally occurs in teeth and bones and is a critical component in dental enamel! While conventional dentistry has always at least implied that deterioration in the teeth is irreversible, that isn't necessarily true.

Hydroxyapatite has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years because of its extraordinary remineralizing properties and as a strengthening alternative to fluoride, a confirmed neurotoxin.

We love our all-natural micro-hydroxyapatite because it fills and binds the cracks in the teeth to enhance existing and build new, healthy enamel! In some cases - like that of our co-founder, Katie - our hydroxyapatite has even helped to reverse existing cavities! We're often asked why we use micro-hydroxyapatite instead of nano-hydroxyapatite, which is a smaller particle size. The short answer is that nano-hydroxyapatite can only be acquired synthetically. Our micro-hydroxyapatite is the smallest particle size we can source naturally, and we always strive to give you the cleanest, most natural option possible!

With a repertoire like that, we couldn't resist including hydroxyapatite in our Oral Probiotics, too! The power of live probiotics combined with remineralizing hydroxyapatite is unmatched!



Our probiotic formula's third and final punch comes from pure peppermint oil. Not only does peppermint oil aid in the resistance of oral pathogens, it also eliminates bad breath!

That's right; our remineralizing probiotic is also a mint! Cool peppermint improves breath instantly by destroying odor-causing bacteria and leaving behind nothing but a fresh, minty aroma. Our probiotic tablets are perfect for a midday pick-me-up, a quick refresh after meals, or as the "cherry on top" of your oral care routine.

With our new Oral Probiotics, you can balance, repair, and refresh your mouth anytime, anywhere, all with one tiny tablet! Our handheld jars are small and portable, fitting seamlessly into your day and keeping one of your most potent oral care tools at your fingertips no matter where you are. Quick, natural support for your mouth, teeth, breath, and gut all in one place? Yes, please!



We focus almost as much energy on sourcing responsible, sustainable product packaging as we do on developing the best products possible! We prioritize you and the earth, and all our products, packaging, and practices reflect that.

Our Oral Probiotic tablets are contained in an amber glass jar with a screw-on lid. We chose amber glass because unlike plastic, glass is non-porous, and the dark shade helps protect the live probiotics from light and heat. Both components are recyclable, but if you're in a DIY mood, our jars are easy and fun to reuse! We love using our empty jars to store spices, homemade salves, baby food, and small odds and ends. The possibilities are endless!

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