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Sustainable Brands to Get Behind

When we look at our world today, so much of what we see is disposable. And from the single-use dinnerware to those crinkly, throwaway water bottles, almost everything is plastic. You may know this about us already, but in addition to our focus on clean ingredients, we also have a passion for protecting the earth. One of our favorite ways of putting that principle into action is by using only the best, most sustainable materials and packaging around!

As consumers, we need to pay attention to the products we buy and the companies we support. This is a team effort, so we love shining the spotlight on other brands who share our goal in sustainability and protecting the planet. Here are a few companies we are proud to support and we hope that you will refer to this list often, whether you are buying products for yourself or gifts for others.


  • Sheets & Giggles: Using wood pulp from eucalyptus trees, Sheets & Giggles manufactures bedding that is soft, breathable, and high-quality. Whether you’re shopping for a new set of sheets, a comforter, pillowcases, or other sleep essentials, we’re confident you’ll be impressed by how luxurious their bedding feels on account of that moisture-wicking eucalyptus pulp. Eucalyptus trees are a renewable and sustainable natural resource, and the trees Sheets & Giggles uses to make their products are grown on biodiverse, sustainably managed farms. For every tree harvested, two trees get planted. Sheets & Giggles also donates a portion of their profits to organizations such as World Wildlife Fund®, which further speaks to their dedication to the planet.
  • My Green Mattress: No matter what size mattress you’re looking for, My Green Mattress is sure to accommodate. This company sells award-winning, organic mattresses for adults as well as children, so if you need a twin mattress or a crib mattress for your little ones, they’ve got you covered. My Green Mattress even sells bunk bed, latex-free, and spring-free mattresses. Ever since this company was founded, they’ve been committed to protecting the environment by ensuring that all of their mattresses are certified by organizations that help companies meet strict industry standards for organic consumer goods. In other words, they say they are green—and we appreciate how they go the extra mile to prove it.
  • Avocado: In their mission statement, the founders of Avocado share that they want to be “one of the world’s most sustainable brands.” If you ask us, they are well on their way. Avocado mattresses, pillows, and other bedding goods are all made using certified organic and sustainably sourced materials. Their Los Angeles-based factory and wood shop are powered by renewable energy, and they’re committed to becoming the first zero-waste certified mattress factory. We respect how they are so confident in their high-quality, medium-firm mattresses that they give you a one-year sleep trial plus a twenty-five-year warranty.
  • WakeWell: If you haven’t heard of WakeWell, and you’re a fan of adjustable pillows, this is a brand worth your attention. These pillows can be used by back, side, and stomach sleepers, and when we tested them for ourselves, we took notice of how well-rested we felt in the morning. This pillow features four adjustable support zones, and we appreciate how much support (and pain relief!) you can get from the innovative design. All WakeWell pillows are backed by a five-year warranty, made using non-toxic and sustainable materials, and will be delivered to your doorstep in sustainable, recyclable packaging.


  • Bronner’s: Many people associate Dr. Bronner’s with their unique labels—lots of small text to read if you have the time and interest. What we admire most about Dr. Bronner’s is how they continue to be the soap company that other soap companies can look up to; their ingredients are pure and organic and their soaps serve a variety of purposes. All palm, palm kernel, and coconut oils used in their soaps and other products are purchased from responsible growers. They offer fantastic scents across their line, and during the online checkout process, Dr. Bronner’s reveals exactly how much money they will donate to an organization of your choice that’s committed to “advancing regenerative organic agriculture.”
  • Branch Basics: Ever since we discovered Branch Basics, we’ve been so impressed with how versatile their fragrance-free concentrate is—you can use it to clean, do your laundry, and even wash your face! All you need to do is dilute the concentrate in water and off you go, ready to conquer your household To-Do List. Branch Basics products are plant and mineral-based, which means there are no harsh chemicals or preservatives to be found. Their plastic bottles are meant to be reused, and if you’d like, you can even upgrade to glass. We also applaud them for their interest in educating people about the toxins often found in commercial cleaning products. Use code mywellnesse for a discount on their starter kits.

Clothing and Jewelry

  • ThredUp: Clothes are meant to be worn—and consigned! While buying new clothes can be fun, ThredUp reminds us that “new” isn’t always “better,” and it surely isn’t as sustainable. Their website states that “choosing a used item over new reduces your carbon footprint by 82%” … and that’s reason enough to consider purchasing secondhand. At ThredUp, you can shop with confidence, knowing that each item undergoes a thorough inspection before it’s listed for sale. Expect to find a wide variety of clothes, shoes, accessories, and handbags on this site, and while you’re at it, take a look at one of our favorite features—the ability to Shop by Outfit.
  • Pact Apparel: Upon discovering Pact Apparel, we were surprised to learn that organic cotton (which is what they use to make their comfy, cozy apparel) uses 81% less water as compared to traditional cotton. Everything that Pact Apparel sells is fair-trade certified and organic; shop for apparel for men, women, babies, and children, not to mention bed and bath products such as towels and sheets. We’d also be remiss not to mention how much we appreciate that Pact has partnered with The Give Back Box® program, which allows you to send them any brand of gently used clothes, shoes, and accessories so they can donate them to non-profits and then recycle your cardboard box on your behalf.
  • tentree: Another sustainable clothing line, tentree, does exactly what their name suggests: they plant ten trees per item sold. Shop nature-themed styles for men, women, and children, plus a range of accessories such as socks, hats, and bags—everything is ethically manufactured using sustainably sourced materials. What makes tentree so special is how they make you feel involved; each piece of clothing comes complete with a tag featuring a QR code. Scan the code to register your ten trees and discover where on the planet they’ll be planted. By allowing you to “track your impact,” this company succeeds in making you look and feel good.
  • 4Ocean: The founders of 4Ocean launched their company with a clear goal: to combat the plastic crisis. For every item sold, their employees pull one pound of trash out of oceans and rivers, as well as along coastlines around the world. They sell a wide variety of beaded and braided bracelets, many of which not only “pull a pound,” but also raise awareness about specific sea creatures (they also often donate a portion of their profits to marine organizations). 40cean keeps a record of how many pounds of plastic they’ve pulled using their “The 4ocean TrashTracker™”—it’s updated weekly, and we find this level of transparency to be both motivating and inspirational.


  • Thrive Market: As with all the brands we’ve discussed so far—and the ones yet to come—we can’t say enough good things about Thrive Market. This is an online marketplace where you can shop for ethically sourced food and health products, including supplements, biodynamic wine, and sustainable seafood. Thrive Market maintains zero-waste warehouses, and you can expect all of your groceries to be packed in boxes made of 100% recycled content before being shipped to your address using carbon-neutral shipping (an eco-friendly shipping method designed to offset the carbon emissions). The monthly membership fee is nominal, and their selections across the board—plus the filters they allow you to select (keto, vegan, etc.)—are top-notch.
  • ButcherBox: Factory farming is one of the biggest contributors to climate change. That’s why we’re proud to call attention to ButcherBox, their sustainable farming practices, and their sustainably sourced meats. This company maintains a B Corp certification, which verifies that they are meeting strict high-quality standards and being fully transparent with consumers. At ButcherBox, their cows are grass-fed, their chickens free-range, their pork crate-free, and their fish wild-caught. Their prices are affordable, shipping is always free, and your meats arrive frozen, with each cut individually packaged. Thanks to ButcherBox, you can feed yourself and your family without having to support inhumane factory farms.
  • Wild Pastures: Another option for grass fed and pasture-raised meat is from Wild Pastures. All of their farmers utilize regenerative farming practices in order to raise healthy animals in a way that is beneficial to the ecosystem and environment. They partner with family farmers in the USA and this is a far more beneficial model for the small American farmers, consumers and the planet. Their goal is to use all parts of the animal to ensure no waste and all of their packaging is either reusable (for local deliveries) or 100% recyclable and compostable.


  • Hiya: Parents want to give their children the most effective vitamins on the market, but the choices are often overwhelming, not to mention less than desirable. That’s what the founders of this brand discovered when they were shopping for children’s vitamins—most are loaded with sugar. The Hiya team spent three years working with pediatricians, nutritionists, scientists, and parents to formulate a safe, healthy chewable vitamin that’s naturally sweetened with monk fruit. To demonstrate their commitment to the environment, they include a childproof glass bottle with your first order. Each month thereafter, the vitamins are shipped to you in a no-plastic refill pouch—a great conversation starter in terms of how to talk to children about sustainability.
  • Serenity Kids: If you’re shopping for baby food, the pouches manufactured by Serenity Kids are packed full of delicious, nutritious, and ethically sourced fruits, meats, and vegetables. We admire how the Serenity Kids brand has crafted wholesome recipes that are free from added sugars yet contain an average of five grams of protein. Serenity Kids has hand-picked the small family farms with which they work, and they make it clear to consumers that they are invested in supporting regenerative agriculture. The majority of their products come in plastic pouches, but not to worry: Serenity Kids has partnered with an amazing recycling business called Terracycle to help parents recycle all the empty pouch they’re sure to accumulate.
  • Life Without Plastic: Plastic is here, there, and everywhere—even in our oceans. This company is passionate about finding ways to live without it. Life Without Plastic sells a thoughtfully curated line of plastic-free products and essentials, including cotton mesh produce bags, stainless steel bottles, and compostable bamboo toothbrushes. Like many of the other companies on this list, you’ll find that you’re welcome to purchase a subscription; if you go the subscription route, Life Without Plastic gives you the unique opportunity to hand-pick the items you’d like to put into your box. We appreciate how Life Without Plastic makes it affordable to transition to a plastic-free lifestyle.


  • ZipTop: If you’ve ever placed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in a single-use plastic bag and felt bad about it, ZipTop is your new reliable—and reusable—food storage solution. Entrepreneur Rebecca Finell created ZipTop bags with the purpose of reducing plastic waste, and her innovative food storage containers do just that. We think you’ll be as impressed as we were to find that these bags not only stand up and seal well, but are also microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. For nursing mothers, you’ll be happy to know that ZipTop also sells reusable breast milk bags. Made of food-grade silicone, these bags are quite sturdy indeed, and—bonus—they come in a variety of colors.
  • Berkey Filters: We all know the importance of drinking water in order to stay healthy and hydrated, but we can’t emphasize the importance of drinking clean. Berkey Filters makes it possible to ensure that you are drinking the purest water possible by way of their innovative water filter system, which eliminates toxins and other harmful contaminants and pathogens that are likely lingering in your water. Their sustainable purification system is built to last (their two-filter system can purify 6,000 gallons of water!). Berkey Filters come in a variety of different sizes, and their knowledgeable customer service team can help you find the one that best suits your needs.


  • Truly Free: The laundry industry sells single-use plastic bottles filled with laundry detergent. This is neither sustainable nor eco-friendly. That’s why we’re thrilled to include Truly Free on this list—this company focuses on helping you do your laundry without experiencing the guilt. Simply place an order, and you’ll get a container delivered to your doorstep; this container can be refilled over and over again. We like how you can save money and how Truly Free makes it “truly easy” to adjust your delivery dates as you see fit. It’s the new way to do laundry while doing right by the planet.
  • Tru Earth: Have you ever heard of a laundry strip? If not, allow us to introduce you to Tru Earth. These biodegradable strips come in multiple scents, or you can opt for fragrance-free. When you’re ready to do a load of laundry, toss a strip (that’s right—one strip is all you need!) into your washing machine … it will dissolve in the water and clean your clothes just as you’d expect. These strips are compatible with all brands of washing machines, and the company stands by their sustainable laundry strips so much that they offer a money-back guarantee. After we tried these laundry strips (and their wool dryer balls!) for ourselves, we felt confident that we upped our laundry game.


  • 42Birds: For all our yogi friends out there, we’re delighted to share a sustainable yoga brand with you. 42Birds manufactures beautiful, easy-to-clean (not to mention eye-catching and attention-grabbing!) yoga mats, blocks, balls, and other accessories. Their products are made from eco-friendly cork, and like some of the other brands on this list, they are members of an incredible organization called 1% For The Planet. According to their website, “1% for the Planet was founded to prevent greenwashing, certify reputable giving and provide accountability.” Thanks to 42Birds, we can not only feel good about ourselves when we do yoga but also our choice to support this sustainable brand.
  • EarthHero: This is a stellar online marketplace that curates all sorts of sustainable, safe, and eco-friendly products. We adore the layout of EarthHero’s website and how the dropdown menus allow you to shop by category, by brand, and by gift recipient. There’s even a Shop by Values tab that permits you to select categories such as Sustainably Harvested; Upcycled and Repurposed Materials; and Plastic Free, just to name a few. Every single product listing comes complete with one or more Sustainability Features icons, so you can have full insight into what you’re buying and why the purchase is indeed making a hero out of you.
These and other companies have pledged to create safe and non-toxic products that are also sustainable and eco-friendly. We support them and we hope you will as well.

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