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Why Hydroxyapatite Helps Remineralize your Teeth

Without realizing it, most of the world place toxins like fluoride in their mouths, thinking it will protect their teeth. The reality is, these toxic substance upsets our oral microbiome, lead to poor gum health (including fluorosis for our kids), and cause behavioral issues in children. But what can we use instead? 

Is anything as effective?

Yes. Even more so.

We chose hydroxyapatite over fluoride in our toothpaste formula for a reason. 

What is Hydroxyapatite?

This material is the reason healthy teeth appear white. It is a calcium phosphate (a naturally occurring mineral) that comprises the bones and teeth. It is white when pure and considered the most stable form of calcium phosphate. What that means practically is that it resists decomposition (such as oxidation).

Is Hydroxyapatite Safe?

Hydroxyapatite is naturally occurring. Even the lab-made nanoparticle HAp is identical to the mineral in our teeth. But speaking naturally (and why wouldn’t we?), our saliva delivers it to our teeth to remineralize them and kill harmful bacteria (protecting dentin and enamel). Although it’s not usually eaten, there wouldn’t be the same risk as with other toothpaste. They warn you to call poison control because you could die if you ate that tube. Hydroxyapatite, on the other hand, is safe and non-toxic. The entire family can use it.

 Benefits of Hydroxyapatite

Some question whether or not cavities can regenerate, and therefore rely on biomimetic dentistry systems. But there are plenty of cases where cavities have remineralized (including in the case of our founder, Katie Wells). So what’s the secret to restoring tooth enamel? Diet is a large portion of enamel remineralization. But the actual groundwork of remineralizing requires a mineral to fill in the holes forming in teeth. So, how does hydroxyapatite deliver that benefit and keep tooth decay away?

For one, it is biocompatible and bioactive. Simply put, it works well on the enamel surface and bones while also helping both grow!

Alongside that, it is osteoconductive, meaning that it doesn’t just help bones grow around it. Bones can grow onto it.

Hydroxyapatite is antimicrobial. It helps balance the oral microbiome. In our toothpaste, we pair it with green tea and mint, further eliminating bacteria. And with xylitol to stimulate saliva production and support the remineralizing effects of hydroxyapatite.

It has helped with hypersensitivity, and many have seen significant differences in a short time. Whitening teeth naturally is uncomplicated with hydroxyapatite toothpaste in your oral care arsenal.

The benefits and safety of this non-toxic mineral are astounding, far from the dangers of most toothpaste that threaten our health.

The danger of Most Toothpaste 

Most store-bought toothpaste wreaks havoc on our oral health, even leading to demineralization. They are sabotage in a tube, especially alongside a cariogenic diet. Besides fluoride, we expose ourselves to many other harmful chemicals. As shown in another post we’ve done (5 Sneaky Ingredients to Avoid in your Oral Health Products), there are plenty of ingredients in most dentifrices that have serious consequences. For a more elaborative review of them, check out that post. But in review: 

  • Triclosan is a hormone disrupter used to kill bacteria. It leads to cancer and other serious issues.
  • Plastic beads are an abrasive scrubbing tool. When plastic is produced, it chemically binds with additives. They are delivered straight into your mouth through toothpaste. Along with poisoning ourselves with plastic, harmful chemicals come with it.
  • Artificial colors alter behavior in kids. An adult BBB can filter some toxins out, but our kids suffer (so will we over time). Exposure to artificial colors is dangerous for our families.
  • Fluoride…well, we’ve touched on that, and there’s more to come.

There are more toxic ingredients, but those few are enough to make anyone stop a second and think. Everything that goes into our mouths affects our body as a whole. Choosing the right toothpaste is a significant decision for the health of our families.

Oral Effects on the Whole Body 

Periodontal disease is a title for a range of oral health issues. Anything from gingivitis to inflammation is in the category. And the stats on how many people have signs of gum disease are shocking (over 90% of adults over 30 years of age). And demineralized enamel from cariogenic diet and unhelpful toothpaste only add to the issues.

These gum diseases don’t just cause caries lesions, dental caries, and tooth loss. (As if that’s not bad enough). The oral microbiome connects to the rest of the body. So, an imbalance in bacteria there leads to problems in other areas of the body. Gum disease risks a host of different cancers, for example. To illustrate, plaque bacteria can swim up or downstream through our blood. The same kind in our mouths has been identified in those who suffer from heart disease.

Simply improving oral health can improve inflammation issues throughout the body and keep us healthier. Both diet and oral hygiene are the keys to a boosted immune system. Toxins shouldn't have any part in that.

Unfortunately, even some hygiene habits (which claim to be healthy) can lead us toward disease rather than away from it. 

How Fluoride Upsets Magnesium

One of the culprits of dental hygiene is fluoride toothpaste. Although many propose this substance as a safe way to improve our teeth and protect our mouth, the actual studies are less convincing of this. Fluoride is a neurotoxin. We’ve noted already that it leads to poorer oral health, and even causes behavioral issues in children. But it also upsets magnesium. 

Magnesium is responsible for so many things in the body. It helps muscles contract, helps build DNA, relays signals from the brain to the body, improves the quality of sleep and recovery we get through rest, and is responsible for healthy interactions throughout the body. Most Americans have too low magnesium levels in their body. This leads to overstimulation of specific receptors (killing nerve cells and eventually leading to brain damage).

Remembering that magnesium helps with muscle contractions, it helps the heartbeat. But fluoride negatively interacts with magnesium (of which we already don’t have enough).

Research documents fluoride ions interfering with magnesium ions. Therefore, we wanted a non-toxic alternative that doesn’t interfere. One that is healthy for our bodies, and works synergistically with our microbiome to improve health, not deteriorate it over time.

Hydroxyapatite, in the form that we have it, is that more effective alternative. Hydroxyapatite and magnesium even help each other kill bacteria.

Remineralization with the Type of Hydroxyapatite in our Formula

Our Whitening Toothpaste formula contains 5-8um particle size, which our research chemists guarantee is effective for teeth. It is as close as we can to get to nano-hydroxyapatite while ensuring we keep things naturally derived. Our hydroxyapatite is a crystalline powder, more of a needle/rod shape. It’s porous and non-abrasive. 5% of our formula is made of this mineral. Since Hydroxyapatite helps remineralize teeth and is white itself, every brush whitens your beautiful set of chomps.

Hydroxyapatite kills bacteria, whitens and strengthens teeth naturally, and works well with our other ingredients to bolster our oral health. And boosted oral health means improved bodily health. Enjoy better health through better toothpaste. And among our oral care products, we offer a bamboo toothbrush to leave a healthier planet in our wake as well.


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