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Five Golden Rules for Healthy Travel

It’s the season for travel, and we’re looking forward to fun, sun, and adventure! Still, most of us have experienced the dreaded vacation jet lag at one point or another, and some people even find themselves sick by the end of every trip. (Have you ever found yourself saying you need a vacation after your vacation? Because we have.)

As exciting as it is to get away, the unfortunate truth is that traveling can interrupt your regular wellness routine and overwhelm your immune system if you’re unprepared.

We aren’t looking to skip out on any family vacations, so we’ve compiled five golden travel tips for protecting your health while you’re away from home. Healthy travels!

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1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

Let’s start with the basics. We know that hydration is one of the most critical components of health. When we get lazy with our water intake or get so preoccupied we forget, we feel it. We also know that as challenging as it can be to stay hydrated at home, it’s ten times harder while traveling. If you’ve ever spent the duration of a trip or vacation with an irritating, lingering headache, you know what we’re talking about. And if your trip includes a lot of walking or physical activity (as many do, especially when kids are involved), staying hydrated is even more essential.

Here are a few easy ways to keep up with your water intake no matter where you are:

  • Bring your own drinking water in reusable canteens or water bottles
  • Refill your containers at your lodgings (avoid tap water!) before you head out for the day
  • Drink a full glass of pure or bottled water when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed
  • Drink one glass of water for every non-water drink you consume


2. Prep Your Body Ahead of Time

Travel can be therapeutic, but it can also take a lot out of you. You may think feeling burnt out is an indicator that you need a vacation (and it is), but if you wait until you’re exhausted to get away, the odds are good you’ll be even more tired when you get home. Remember: An exhausted body is a vulnerable body, so rest is critical to staying healthy while traveling.

So, while making your travel plans, start prepping your body! Ensure you’re keeping up with your vitamins and supplements (especially Vitamin C) and eating a balanced diet of fresh fruits and vegetables. Prioritize consistent, high-quality sleep, and get at least thirty minutes of physical movement each day to boost your immune system and mood. You can also take preventative measures like consuming activated charcoal to fight off toxins while you’re traveling.


3. (Meal) Plan Ahead!

Vacations require a lot of planning, and planning your meals is one of the best ways to support your body in a new environment (and to save money!)

It’s easy to take off work, pack up the car, and leave our daily routines in the rearview mirror. It’s vacation, after all! However, after a few ‘cheat’ meals or too many sugary treats, our ‘regular’ healthy food seems a little more appealing.

Start by counting out the number of meals you’ll be eating throughout the trip (don’t forget healthy snacks!) Then, you can decide how many meals to make or cook a few favorites in bulk. Meal prep may not fit your idea of fun vacation planning, but you’ll be grateful when you have a cooler full of your own meals to fall back on. It’s also important to remember that meal planning doesn’t mean you have to eat ‘boring’ food all vacation long. Just decide which meals you want to plan and which days you want to get out and enjoy some local cuisine!


4. If You Wouldn’t Do It at Home, Don’t Do It On Vacation

Don’t worry; we aren’t talking about scuba diving or walking on the beach. Like meal planning, this rule comes from our tendency to throw our healthy lifestyle out the window the minute we hit the road. But remember, we have rituals for a reason. They’re good for us!

So, while we support taking it easy during a holiday, it’s critical not to disrupt our bodies’ rhythms too drastically. Over-eating, consuming large amounts of fried, processed, or sugary foods, and settling for poor or little sleep are all common mistakes that leave travelers feeling sick and exhausted. If you stay on top of the fundamentals, your time away is guaranteed to be all the more enjoyable for it.


5. Keep Stress at a Minimum

Relaxing on vacation may seem like a given, but we’ve all experienced a ‘getaway’ that felt more like work than play. From organizing family members to navigating transportation, your dedicated relaxation time can quickly become overwhelming if you aren’t careful.

Here are a few of our favorite methods for keeping things fun and stress-free!

  • Plan enough that you feel organized and at ease but not so much that you feel bound by an itinerary.
  • Keep your carry-on light! Pack for your planned activities and things you’re likely to do, but don’t weigh yourself down with unnecessary clutter.
  • Leave work at work. You’re on vacation! Don’t spend your precious free time scanning emails that can wait.
  • Be flexible. Plans change, and that’s ok! Sometimes, the unexpected experiences end up being the most memorable.

    Take Your Essentials With You

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