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Here at Wellnesse, we’re never afraid to question.

To question how we can create products that are actually safe, eco-friendly, and high quality.

To question how we can provide natural and effective personal care to families all around the world.

To question how we can support other mindful business owners and build an authentic community of partners who hold the same values as we do.

We invite you to make every effort to ask the tough questions. To ultimately question what’s right for you and your family.

So let’s question everything together so we can better care for ourselves, our loved ones, and our planet.

cruelty free
no animal testing
paraben free
sulfate free

Do you really want metal in your deodorant? Well, neither do we!

Introducing our Mineral Deodorant…None of the nasty and a whole lot of the good. Check out what everyone is saying!


Check out what everyone is saying!

" I absolutely love it! I have tried many clean deodorants - all were a fail until you! And I have really put it to the test in our 100 degree Southern California weather. 10 stars out of 5! Thanks"

- JAN L.

“It’s smooth and dry. Doesn’t leave any stains in clothing.”

- Kimberly D.

“Great product.....I love the smell and it works well against underarm odor.”

- Denise D.

  • “Completes my morning routine. I didn't know I needed this in my life until I had it. I feel like my mouth is the cleanest it has ever been after using this tongue scraper."

    - HANNAH

  • “Finally! Finally a high quality product my prone to eczema family can all use. I love that our hair actually comes out clean and with no lingering residue or greasiness. Clean, conditioned hair, no mess, no fuss. I appreciate finding this product after years of subpar "natural" products. This is the real deal we've all been hoping for! Thank you!”

    - BETH

  • “Shiny smile. This is my go to toothpaste along with Wellnesse mint toothpaste. When putting a product in your mouth it has to be 100% natural and beneficial and that’s what this product is”

    - NANCY T.

  • 5 star rating

    "I use Wellnesse toothpaste and recommend it to my patients.

    It contains hydroxyapatite, a naturally occurring mineral that helps support tooth enamel to keep teeth strong. Ingredients like neem and green tea to support a healthy oral microbiome, and keep your breath fresh. Wellnesse toothpaste gets your teeth just as white (if not whiter) than everything else--without all the chemicals. Why would anyone NOT switch?”

  • 5 star rating

    "I highly recommend it for all my patients. It's simply much healthier and reparative.

    Wellnesse is amazing! Not only do I use Wellnesse for my personal care, I highly recommend it for all my patients. It's simply much healthier and reparative."

  • 5 star rating

    "I love their philosophy as well as their clean ingredient list.

    Finding a toothpaste with clean ingredients that actually works has been a challenge for me. When I discovered Wellnesse, I knew it was the right fit for us…As someone who is always trying to make better choices for my family, I love their philosophy as well as their clean ingredient list. Plus my children love the kids strawberry toothpaste so it’s a win for the whole family!"

Created By A Mom On A Mission

Personal Care Products Crafted With Care

Loved by millions, everything in the Wellnesse line is inspired by fan-favorite creations originally created by a mom who decided to take her health and her family’s health into her own hands.

  • Nano vs. Micro: Everything You Need to Know About Our Hydroxyapatite Superstar

    Hydroxyapatite is one of our favorite ingredients to talk about because it’s a big part of why you love your favorite Wellnesse products!

    For all the comments we get about this ingredient, we also get plenty of questions, the most common one being:

    “Why do you use micro-hydroxyapatite instead of nano-hydroxyapatite?”

  • The Dangers of Fluoride

    For years, fluoride has been presented as the holy grail ingredient for dental health. It is included in toothpaste and mouthwash, applied at dental offices, and even added to many water sources. However, people have recently begun seeking alternatives with concern about the dangers of fluoride treatments to their oral health and overall health.

  • Everything You Need to Know About Hair Loss (And How to Fight It)

    Most people don't know how intimately connected your hair is to your internal health. Though it may not seem like it, different medical conditions and even simple vitamin deficiencies can affect everything from the volume of your hair to how fast it grows. But before we dive into everything you need to know to stop hair loss, let's review some background information on your hair and what it's made of!