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Wellnesse Whitening Toothpaste, Gateway Special


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What’s Inside Our
Enriching Conditioner?

Shea Butter

Seals cuticles for healthy and bouncy curls

Argan Oil

This plant oil boosts serious shine


Boosts hydration and softness while making hair easier to comb

“My curls have never felt so soft and healthy! It applies quickly, rinses clean, and leaves my hair detangled and bouncy.”

Cynthia S.

Meet Our “Curl Active Blend”

What’s In It: Tomato fruit ferment extract, rice extract, and keratin amino acids. What It Does: Keratin (the protein that makes up our hair) is an essential building block to restoring strength and supporting regrowth. Tomato fruit ferment seals moisture into individual strands, giving curls that spiral effect. Last up, rice extract has been used as a beauty treatment for centuries — known specifically for its strengthening and smoothing properties.

Give your scalp the spa treatment

Another key active ingredient in our Enriching Conditioner is safflower. Safflower is rich in oleic acid, which means it’s highly beneficial for soothing and conditioning the scalp. In our formula, it’s also highly effective at detangling curly locks (bye frizz!) and boosting hydration, softness, and shine.


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