Revitalizing Dry Shampoo for All Hair Types 66% off!

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 Packed with all-natural ingredients like kaolin clay, which absorbs four times its weight in oil, it is perfect right after a workout or a holiday cooking session. We also use tapioca, hibiscus, and cactus flower to reinforce hair growth and boost volume without disrupting the natural pH of your hair.

How to use: 

Tousle to add volume for a quick mid-day refresh. Sprinkle to absorb oil and post-workout sweat. Work in to maintain color-treated or extend styled ‘dos. Our dry shampoo takes care of all your hair needs, naturally.


Packaging Disposal

The tubes are 100% sugarcane bioplastic so we recommend compost pickup as the best option (it will break down in your backyard compost pile but that will take longer). The caps are recyclable!


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