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All-natural clean formulas designed thinking of our families - and yours - first

Pregnancy Safe Personal-Care

You want the best for you and your baby. We’ll tell you why there’s never been a better time to go clean

5 Reasons You Need This If You’re Expecting

1. No Chemicals or Toxins

Studies show that most babies enter the world with hundreds of harmful chemicals already in their bloodstreams. Moms can help reduce this chemical load by choosing safer products during pregnancy and we make that possible without sacrificing any effectiveness.

2. Clean & Safe

All of our ingredients are rated the cleanest possible rating by the Environmental Working Group. Some conventional products are packed with fragrances and preservatives, both of which can be hormone-disrupting. We’ve crafted formulas that are better than what’s already on shelves, but without toxins, parabens, sulfates and more.

3. Fragrance Free

Many women find themselves more sensitive to scents during pregnancy, especially to strong artificial scents. We use only gentle and completely natural plant-derived scents.

Get pregnancy safe personal care


4. Your hair can experience changes

The hormone changes of pregnancy can lead to hair changes and hair loss for many women. Nourishing the hair and scalp with special ingredients like nettle and quinoa, you’ll find our formula feeds hair to keep hair healthy and strong throughout pregnancy and postpartum!

5. Time saver!

Becoming a mom is life-changing and one of the most incredible moments of your life, but even finding the time to shower can be tough with a newborn! Our haircare helps keep hair cleaner longer by nourishing hair rather than stripping it of beneficial oils and our dry shampoo is a new mom’s best friend.

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Testimonials from Our Customers!

I am so grateful for your natural products. They couldn’t come at a better time for me! I have had nausea from our 6th pregnancy and switched the family to your natural shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste! It has helped SO much! Thank You!!

Corine H.

I love how much detail Wellnesse gives into ingredients. I never realized how much other brands try to conceal what they put in their “natural” hair products. Everything in these products are searchable and safe, which is really important to me and my family.

Kay J.

The first time using Wellnesse, my hair was so soft and NO FRIZZ!! I did not need to use additional products or appliance to make my hair look good!

Cathy L.

I thought my hair had worn out its wave but this shampoo and conditioner got it back and I smile in the mirror now!!

Lindsay A.

Get pregnancy safe personal care


Fall in love. Guaranteed. Free Returns and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

We are so confident you'll love Wellnesse and start writing love letters, we’re making it risk free for you to try! If you aren't happy with your first purchase with us, we offer free returns with no questions asked. We’ll even send you a prepaid return label. Just make sure to reach out to us at support@wellnesse.com within 30 days of receipt.