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Natural personal care products from our family to yours

Clean personal care developed in our kitchen ready for your home

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Good hair days every day

A truly natural dry shampoo that cleans and conditions for instantly revitalized, healthier hair

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“I love how much detail Wellnesse gives into ingredients. I never realized how much other brands try to conceal what they put in their "natural" hair products. Everything in these products are searchable and safe, which is really important to me and my family.”

Kay J.

"The toothpaste is great! The taste, the consistency, the way it works! My husband (who is a Colgate and Crest convert) and myself (I have been using other natural brands) both LOVE this! It is our favorite by far!"

Kris S.

“This is my holy grail shampoo. I have some wave in my hair but usually lacks shine. After using this shampoo, my hair has been growing faster than ever. I pair it with the Enriching Conditioner for some volume and my hair looks so shiny, healthy and thick! I have long hair but I only need a small amount of this shampoo because it lathers so much! I can't live without it!"

Bridget S.

“I bought 1 tube the day Wellnesse came out and we need more already because for the first time my entire family loves it! Even my husband and 7 year old!! We have NEVER all used the same toothpaste before!! We are all hooked and happy about it!!"

Tara C.

"I'm very pleased. I tried it for a while before leaving a review, because my hair does fine the first time or two with any shampoo, but after 3 or 4 uses that's when I know if the product works or not. This product works. It feeds my hair. I usually don't like conditioner but my hair really likes this conditioner, absorbs it right up. I've used this for more than 5 washings in a row and my hair is still liking it."

Deborah M.

Why we started with natural toothpaste and clean hair care

Spoiler: They're the most common and most toxic products in a lot of homes filled with ingredients bodies don't need. We made 'em without the bad stuff, thinking of our families — and yours — first.

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A brand you can trust (millions already do)

The Wellnesse line of personal care products is based on fan-favorite creations originally whipped up in the kitchen of Wellness Mama creator (and mom of six), Katie Wells.

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What goes on the body, goes in it

"Our bodies absorb the majority of what we put on our skin, and yet most personal care products contain several harmful ingredients. That’s exactly why I’ve spent over a decade perfecting the Wellnesse collection. These products contain only safe, natural ingredients that work better than their conventional alternatives. I know because my family has been using (and loving) them for years, and I’m beyond excited to share them with all of you." — Katie Wells

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Wellnesse Products Are Always…

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